Davicom Ethernet Controllers

Davicom are specialists in USB, Ethernet-based networking technologies and communication semiconductors. Products Include : 10/100 BaseTx – Single-chip Ethernet MAC+PHY ISA & PCI controllers 3.3V & 2.5V, including the World’s Smallest Ethernet Controller, the DM9000A in a tiny 48-pin QFP package. Ethernet Switches 2-5 Port, including a 2 port PCI switch.

Featured Product DM9000B

The DM9000B is a fully integrated and cost-effective low pin count single chip Fast Ethernet controller with a general processor interface, a 10/100M PHY and 4K Dword SRAM. It is designed with low power and high performance process interface that support 3.3V with 5V IO tolerance.
The DM9000B supports 8-bit and 16-bit data interfaces to internal memory accessesfor various processors. The PHY of the DM9000B can interface to the UTP3, 4, 5 in 10Base-T and UTP5 in 100Base-TX with HP Auto-MDIX. It is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.3u Spec. Its auto-negotiation function will automatically configure the DM9000B to take the maximum advantage of its abilities. The DM9000B also supports IEEE 802.3x full- duplex flow control.


  • Supports processor interface: byte/word of I/O command to internal memory data
  • Integrated 10/100M transceiver With HP Auto-MDIX
  • Supports back pressure mode for half-duplex
  • IEEE802.3x flow control for full-duplex mode
  • Supports wakeup frame, link status change and magic packet events for remote wake up
  • Support 100M Fiber interface.
  • Integrated 16K Byte SRAM
  • Build in 3.3V to 1.8V regulator
  • upports early Transmit
  • Supports IP/TCP/UDP checksum generation and checking
  • Supports automatically load vendor ID and product ID from EEPROM
  • Optional EEPROM configuration
  • Very low power consumption mode:
    – Power reduced mode (cable detection)
    – Power down mode
    – Selectable TX drivers for 1:1 or 1.25:1 transformers for additional power reduction.
  • Compatible with 3.3V and 5.0V tolerant I/O
  • DSP architecture PHY Transceiver.
  • 48-pin LQFP, 0.18 um process

Selection Guide

DM9000 DM9010 DM9008 DM9601 DM9102
Bus Type Local Local Local USB PCI
Bus Width 8/16 8/16/32 8/16 32
Ethernet MAC (Mbps) 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100 10/100
Ethernet PHY (Mbps) 10/100 10/10 10 10/100 10/100
Fiber Interface Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
MAC Interface Built In MII / RMII /Reverse MII Built In MII MII
Auto-MDIX Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Embedded SRAM 16K 16K 16K 16K 16K
TCP/IP UDP Checksum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wake On Lan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Temp. Range 0C – 70C
-40C – 85C
0C – 70C
-40C – 85C
0C – 70C 0C – 70C 0C – 70C
Package LQFP 48 LQFP 100 LQFP 48 LQFP 100 LQFP 128