Davicom Ethernet Switch

Davicom are specialists in USB, Ethernet-based networking technologies and communication semiconductors. Products Include : 10/100 BaseTx – Single-chip Ethernet MAC+PHY ISA & PCI controllers 3.3V & 2.5V, including the World’s Smallest Ethernet Controller, the DM9000A in a tiny 48-pin QFP package. Ethernet Switches 2-5 Port, including a 2 port PCI switch.

Featured Product DM8806C

The DM8806C is a fully integrated and cost-effective fast Ethernet switch controller with five 10/100Mb PHY, five 10/100Mb MAC and one GMII / RGMII / MII / RevMII / RMII MAC. The controller provides basic Layer-2 switch functions and advance IEEE 802.1Q VLAN, priority queuing scheme, IGMP snooping protocol. Spanning Tree protocol, The integrated 5 ports PHY are compliant with IEEE 802.3u standards. The mac interface provides the flexibility to connect Ethernet 10 /100Mb / 1G PHY devices.


  • Ethernet Switch with five 10/100Mb PHY, five 10/100Mb MAC plus one 10/100/1000Mb MAC, and one GMII/RGMII/MII/RevMII/RMII for 6th MAC
  • Per port supports 4 priority queues , Port-based, 802.1P VLAN, MAC based, IPv4 TOS, IPv6 DSCP.
  • Support 802.1Q/port-based VLAN up-to 16 VLAN group with full 12-bit VID: tag/untag, priority remarking.
  • Per port support bandwidth, ingress and egress rate control.
  • Broadcast Storming filter function
  • Store and Forward switching approach
  • Supports IEEE 802.3x Flow Control in Full-duplex mode.
  • Supports Back Pressure Flow Control in Half-duplex mode.
  • Recode up-to 2K Uni/Multi-cast MAC addresses
  • Hardware IGMP v1,v2/MLD v1 snooping
  • Automatic aging scheme
  • EEPROM interface for power up configurations
  • MIB counter
  • Multicast filter
  • STP
  • Register access by MDC/MDIO format
  • DSP PHY with Auto-MDIX
  • Built in linear regulator control register

Selection Guide

DM8806 DM8603
Interface GMII / MII / RMII MII / RMII
Ethernet PHY (Mbps) 10 / 100 10 / 100
Ports 4 + 2 / 6 2 + 1
MAC / PHY 6 / 5 3 / 2
Temp. Range 0°C – +70°C 0°C – +70°C -40°C – +85°C