eMMC Memory

Ferri-eMMC® is optimally designed for a wide range of embedded applications and is fully compliant to the JEDEC standards for eMMC* 4.5/5.0 protocols.

Available in 100/153/169-ball BGA packages, Ferri-eMMC® eases PCB design and enables low-cost manufacturing.

Built with industry proven controllers and high quality NAND components, Ferri-eMMC® offers advanced NAND management features including:

  • error correction
  • bad block management
  • health monitoring

This enables the most highly reliable, non-volatile eMMC storage solution for today’s cutting edge industrial, embedded and automotive applications.

For automotive IVI applications, Ferri-eMMC® features industry leading low dppm, AEC-Q100 qualification, and product longevity support.

Embedded applications using HDD or raw NAND today can migrate to Ferri-eMMC® for higher performance and capacity options.

Additionally, Ferri-eMMC® can be customized via firmware for specific features and applications. As the world’s leading NAND controller vendor, Silicon Motion builds its products to the highest quality and reliability standards – backed by uncompromise sales and technical support from design through post production.

Silicon Motion’s commitment to automotive and industrial quality is fully incorporated throughout the design, manufacturing and qualification phases of its Ferri-eMMC® products.

Block Diagram


  • High-Efficiency Error Correction
    • Advanced Hardware BCH Error Correcting Code (ECC) Engine
    • StaticDataRefresh™ and EarlyRetirement™ technologies ensure the data reliability
  • Advanced Global Wear Leveling to Enhance Reliability
    • Even distribution of program / erase cycles across all NAND flash chips
    • Maximizes the lifespan with low Write Amplification Index (WAI)
  • Robust Data Protection
    • Advanced system level protection against unstable power
    • Software / hardware write protect option
    • Multiple user data security zones
    • Software / hardware secure erase function
    • PowerShield and DataPhoenix technologies prevent data corruption in case of sudden power lost

Why Ferri-eMMC®

  • Easy to adopt
    • Easy PCB traces routing and layout with high PCB/SMT yield
    • Excellent long-term reliability and good heat dissipation
  • Lower total cost of ownership
    • Eliminate requalification cost from NAND generation change
    • Cost saving with low density Ferri-eMMC®, HDD are typically > 160GB capacity
    • Long product life cycle
  • Eliminate down time
    • Supports self-monitoring, analysis and reporting health status
    • Field programmable firmware update available
  • Customization available
    • Configurable enhanced partition with content preload / protect
    • Technical customization available