SSD Controllers

Silicon Motion offers a family of Solid State Drive (SSD) controllers that target personal computing, consumer electronics, industrial computing, enterprise, and other applications. End products utilizing our SSD controllers include: embedded systems, netbooks, notebook PCs, and servers. Our SSD controllers support SLC and MLC NAND flash, as well as leading host interfaces such as PATA (IDE) and SATA-II.


  • High performance flash memory controller with 2-CH/4-CH/8-CH flash interface
  • Support for In-System-Programming capability- Resolving compatibility issues without chip replacement
  • Support for Serial ATAII and IDE UDMA6 spec.
  • Global wear-leveling to extend the product life cycle
  • TurboMLC® technology to increase durability of MLC flash with performance similar to SLC
  • SSDLifeGuard® technology to monitor the health of NAND flash cells and their degradation from usage
  • SSDLifeSaver® technology to manage data back-ups to ensure minimal disruptions
  • Flexible flash memory configuration
  • Enhanced ESD design
  • Embedded hardware advance ECC engine up to 30bits error correction
  • Internal voltage detection circuitry

Flash Memory

  • Support for up to 8~16 flash CE pins per channel
  • Support for up to 64~256Gbytes total capacity
  • Support for Samsung, Toshiba, SanDisk, Micron, Intel, Hynix up-to-date SLC, MLC and TLC(3-bits per cell) Flash

User Benefits

  • High performance data transfer rate to/from flash card
  • Excellent data integrity and product reliability
  • Superior compatibility performance with over 200 popular consumer electronic devices and PCs



Silicon Motion’s patented TurboMLC® technology enables the MLC flash to provide optimized performance and endurance similar to SLC flash. TurboMLC™ is the most cost-effective solution for NAND flash storage applications.



Silicon Motion’s patented SSDLifeGuard® technology monitors the health of NAND flash cells and the flash degradation from usage, and provides proper warning prior to potential failure. The users can thus evaluate the drive health and the drive run time and receive an early warning message before the drive lifespan ends.



Silicon Motion’s patented SSDLifeSaver® technology provides in system real-time firmware update, allowing extra time for proper back-ups to ensure minimal disruptions.

Block Diagram


Selection Guide

Part Number Host Standards Flash Interface ECC Support Voltage Support Turbo MLC Support Package
SM2250 STAT-II 8-CH Configurable BCH ECC 3.3V Yes TFBGA324
SM2244 STAT-II 4-CH Configurable BCH ECC 3.3V Yes TFBGA225
SM2242 STAT-II 4-CH Configurable BCH ECC 3.3V Yes TQFP128
SM2235 PATA 4-CH Configurable BCH ECC 5V/3.3V Yes TFBGA144
SM2231 PATA 2-CH Configurable BCH ECC 5V/3.3V Yes TQFP128