Format Converter / Scalers

MDIN-380 is a highly integrated single chip implementation of deinterlacing, format conversion, video enhancement, Scalers and graphic OSD. It receives any format of interlaced scan video up to 1080i and progressive scan video up to full-HD, and performs deinterlacing and format conversion to produce any desired format of interlaced or progressive scan video up to full-HD with excellent signal quality preservation. Macro Image Technology’s proprietary iMARVTM technology provides high quality edge preserving deinterlacing with the 5th generation motion adaptive 3-D deinterlacing algorithm and performs proper processing for various speed motion and film video sources. MDIN-380 also provides a versatile 2-D graphics engine with bitmap and character mode. MDIN-380’s high quality deinterlacing, format converting, video enhancement and OSD capability are suitable for digital display applications such as digital video recorder(DVR), IP Camera, set-top-box, DVD player, Blu-ray player, TV box, AV receiver and scan converter system.Key Features

  • Two digital video input ports for up to 10-bit precision interlaced or progressive scan video up to Full HD
  • 4 I2S and one S/PDIF audio input ports
  • HDMI ver. 1.3 output, Analog VGA/Component, Digital video output and CVBS video output
  • Pixel-by-pixel level motion adaptive 3-D deinterlacing
  • Advanced multi-directional edge preserving deinterlacing
  • Deinterlacing with various speed motion and still image detection and processing
  • Robust film sequence, bad-edit and subtitle detection and processing
  • 3-D and MPEG noise reduction filter with cross-color suppression
  • 4-channel D1 video processing with 3-D deinterlacing & noise reduction.
  • Main and auxiliary video paths for PIP or dual video output
  • Automatic chroma upsampling error(CUE) detection and correction
  • Independent horizontal and vertical scaling with anti-aliasing interpolation filter
  • Horizontal peaking filter and color enhancement processing for crisper picture quality
  • Programmable brightness, contrast, hue, saturation control with adaptive contrast enhancement
  • 2 layer OSD with 4 sprites per layer(bitmap and character mode)
  • Configurable 8/16bit data parallel, PCI Slave and serial (I2C) host bus interface
  • Cost and size effective embedded frame memory
  • 240-pin FBGA package (12mm x 16mm)

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MDIN325/A I2C RBG/CVBS 1920x1152p 144 FBGA
MDIN340 I2C RGB/HDMI/DV 1920x1152p 144 FBGA
MDIN380 I2C/PCI/Parallel RGB/HDMI/DVI/CVBS 1920x1152p 240 FBGA