Nextchip Multiplexer

Nextchip are a fabless semiconductor company that specialise in the design and manufacture of ICs for the video / surveillance industry. There range of video codecs, support SD and HD encoding and decoding supporting H.264, MPEG-4 and MJPEG standards.


NVP1114MXA is a 4-Ch video and audio processor for DVR and surveillance applications. In video path, it accepts 4 analog camera inputs and 4 digital PB inputs, and produces 3 digital outputs and 2 analog outputs. It supports digital inputs/outputs with ITU.R BT-656 standard. It has high quality of H/V scale function, freeze, linear zoom, edge enhancement, motion detection, graphic OSD and mouse interface for live/PB and spot display in infinite cascade connection.

Furthermore, it supports field & frame switching and CIF with time scheduling function for record output up to 16-Ch cascade connection. It also supports D1/CIF real-time output for 4-Ch. In audio path, it accepts 4 analog audio inputs to 4 ADCs and generates 1 analog audio output from DAC. Built-in PCM audio codec generates digital outputs for recording/mixing and accepts digital input for playback.

In addition, NVP1114MXA has PS/2 mouse, keypad(6×6), remote controller interface and parallel host interface for user’s convenience.


  • Compact size 4-Ch video multiplexer
  • Embedded 4-Ch video decoder
  • Embedded 4-Ch PCM audio codec
  • Embedded 1-Ch video encoder
  • Various record format with queue
  • Graphic OSD
  • Cascade connection up to 16-Ch

Block Diagram